Childcare FAQs


We offer childcare to Infants through Preschoolers during the 9:00am Sunday School hour and the 10:30am worship service. Below are some frequently asked questions related to this childcare time:

+ What is the minimum age requirement for a child to come to childcare?

We would love for your baby to attend as soon as you and your doctor are comfortable. This can be as early as 8 weeks old, although there is no official age requirement. During the 9:00am Sunday School hour, our infants, crawlers, and walkers are combined for a single class. During the 10:30am worship hour, we offer separate classes for each of those age groups.

+ What do we do when we get to church?

When you first arrive, check in at the Children’s Ministry table outside of the library. You will receive a name tag for your child and will be directed to his or her class. During your initial visit, please alert the Children’s Ministry staff if your child has any known allergies.

+ What do we need to bring with us?

Please bring a labeled diaper bag that includes a change of clothes, diapers, bottles or sippy cups, snacks as needed, and any security items your child might want during this time, such as a blanket or pacifier. Make sure all personal items are labeled.

+ What do you do if my child is upset?

If your child is inconsolable, a volunteer will text you after 15 minutes of unsuccessful soothing. Please let your volunteer team know at check-in if there are soothing techniques that work well for your child.

+ Is there somewhere I can nurse or feed my baby in private?

Yes! We have a Mother’s Room, labeled as such, available in the main Eakin hallway, across from the worship auditorium. The room offers privacy and quiet for nursing or bottle feeding young babies, and the service audio is live-streamed into the room.

+ What is the health and wellness policy?

We ask that your child be symptom-free of any communicable diseases or illnesses for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medications) before bringing them to childcare. Volunteers do their part to prevent the spread of germs by disinfecting toys and play areas during and after childcare and by regularly washing hands when changing diapers and providing snacks.

+ Are snacks provided?

We offer snacks to our toddler and preschool classes. Toddlers are given gluten-free Cheerios, and preschoolers are given a snack mix of gluten-free Cheerios, gluten-free Rice Chex, and raisins. If your child is in one of these classes, we ask that they not bring snacks from home unless permission has been granted from the Children’s Ministry Director based on individual needs.

We do not provide snacks for children in our infant and crawler classes, so you are welcome to pack those and leave feeding instructions with the volunteer team. To protect the other young children, please avoid foods that contain nuts or nut butters or could be choking hazards. Baby puffs and fruit/veggie pouches are great options for these classes.

If a child has a food allergy, it is noted on their nametag. Volunteers are required to check each nametag before passing out snacks.