Our Commitments

We believe that the purpose of every local church is to glorify God by the quality of our life together. What sort of life together brings God glory? That’s the question behind these four commitments. These describe the sort of culture—the normal way of life—we’re working and praying toward. These are the things we hope you will notice if you visit with us. And these are the things we want you to help us with if you join us.


God-Centered Worship

When we gather for worship each week, we come to listen to what God has told us about who he is and what he has done. And we come to respond to what we hear. We want our primary focus on him, not on ourselves or what’s happening on stage. So we read together from the Bible. We pray several prayers based on what we hear. We sing songs to honor God and to encourage each other. And we spend a lot of time teaching verse-by- verse through sections of the Bible, working to understand what they mean and how we should respond to what God is teaching us.


Mutual Discipleship

Our weekly gatherings are central to our life together, in part, because they give focus to our relationships with each other. They equip us for our ministry to one another. We grow as Christians when we speak the truth in love to one another (Eph 4). We need help to see how the message of the gospel affects the details of our lives. For us to grow as followers of Jesus, every one of us depends on others to teach us, encourage us, and show us what we may not see about ourselves. And every one of us is responsible to give that same care to others. We want to build a culture where it’s normal for us to disciple one another.


Covenant Community

A culture of discipleship requires vulnerability and trust. It won’t be possible unless we know we can depend on each other. That’s why church membership is so important. Our covenant describes how we will be responsible for and accountable to one another. It gives concrete intentionality to our relationships. And it clarifies how we love one another in the same way we’ve been loved by God through Jesus.


Christlike Ministry

Our life together as a church is meant to fuel our ministry in the world. God has designed every relationship in our lives as a deployment for his kingdom—our families and friends, our neighbors and neighborhoods, our coworkers and our jobs and every other aspect of our lives. And we want our priorities to match the priorities of Jesus. That means, first, getting the gospel to those who don’t have it. And it means showing mercy to those in need. We want to build a culture in our church where it’s normal to help each other claim every opportunity for evangelism and service.