Giving to Trinity Church

We’re grateful for your financial support of Trinity Church. We have three primary funds to which you can earmark your donation.

  1. General:  Operating expenses to support the regular ministry of Trinity Church, such as payroll, rent, equipment, supplies;
  2. Missions:  Money we, in turn, give to trusted organizations in Nashville and around the world working to alleviate poverty, resettle refugees, and plant faithful churches;
  3. Turkey Ministry: A specialized form of our missions giving focused to the regular work we do in the country of Turkey.

* Unless specified, money will be designated to the General fund.


We partner with the good folks at Planning Center and Stripe to provide a seamless online donation experience. Please note that this online giving option is for tax-deductible gifts only. It cannot be used for reimbursements, fall retreat payments, or other payments where you receive a good or service. Please submit these types of payments in person via cash or check, or mail us a check.

By Mail

Make checks or bank draft gifts payable to Trinity Church of Nashville and send to:

Trinity Church of Nashville
PO Box 121256
Nashville, TN 37212


Qualifying contributions are federally tax-deductible through our exemption status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, in cooperation with the Tennessee Baptist Convention.