Sunday Bible Study

Bible study classes begin at 9:00am each Sunday with classes for all ages. Below you will find information on the two adult classes available this fall. For more on Children's Sunday School, go here.


The Gospel According to Luke

Meeting location: Auditorium

This class offers an interactive, verse-by-verse look at one of the earliest and most detailed accounts of Jesus's life, his teaching, his death and his resurrection. Luke's story is carefully organized, beautifully told, and aimed from beginning to end at showing us God's plan to save the world through his Son. Every week we'll be looking for this gospel and working together to apply it to our lives.


Fearing God and Not People

Meeting location: Room 308 (upstairs)

The Bible strongly and consistently warns us about about the dangers of fearing people, and teaches us to fear God instead. But what does it look like to fear people, and how would we begin to fear God in the way the Bible describes? In this class we will seek to understand how the fear of people motivates us all, often in deceptive ways, and the freedom God offers us when we desire only His approval.