Sunday Bible Study

Bible Study classes begin at 9:00am each Sunday with classes for all ages. Below you’ll find information on the two adult classes available this fall. For more on Children’s Sunday School, click here.


Glorious Grace: Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

In this letter Paul gives us one of our clearest descriptions of the gospel. It’s a celebration of God’s grace. It’s honest about human sin and despair. It’s hopeful about what is possible for us through Jesus. And it is relentlessly practical, showing how the gospel is an idea with consequences for every area of our lives. This class will work through the letter verse-by-verse to see how this message unfolds. And along the way we will learn more about how to study the Bible for ourselves. Taught by Scott Corbin and Bill Heerman.


The Gospel and Parenthood

In a way the whole Bible is about parenthood. Sure, there aren’t many places that speak to parenting directly, with a “do this” or a “don’t do that.” But like every other relationship or responsibility, parenthood is affected on every level by the grand story the Bible tells. The story about God and his creation. About sin and brokenness. And about what God has done through Jesus to bring redemption and hope. Using a mix of biblical teaching, group discussions, and practical wisdom, this class will unpack how the gospel shapes parenthood. Taught by Brian and Vicki Krebs.