Sunday Bible Study

Bible study classes begin at 9:00am each Sunday with classes for all ages. Below you will find information on the two adult classes available this spring. For more on Children's Sunday School, go here.


“The Days Are Coming…”: Understanding Jeremiah

Meeting location: Auditorium

Sometimes prophets like Jeremiah can be intimidating. They belong to a time and place so different from ours that it can be tough to know how to learn from them. They’re full of images that sometimes don’t make immediate sense. Some images that are immediately clear, like stark warnings of judgment, can seem distasteful. And sometimes it can be difficult to know how to square images of judgment with images of hope and mercy that come together hand in hand. But when we look closely together, we’ll see Jeremiah’s message for what it is: an essential and beautiful piece of the path to Jesus. Through this book we’ll learn about the seriousness of sin, the power of God’s grace, and the challenge of faithfulness in a world of other options. Taught by Bill Heerman and Justin Turner.


The Gospel and Your Work

Meeting location: Outside Room 307

How does the good news of what God has done for us shape how we do what we do? Whether we work in a cubicle or a corner office, whether we work in the home or in a lab or anywhere else between, the Bible tells us to do whatever we do to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31). But how does this responsibility affect the ins and outs of our very different vocations? These are the sorts of questions we’ll tackle together as we consider what the Bible says about how Jesus’ work transforms how we view our own. Taught by Shaka Mitchell.