Children’s Sunday School


Sunday School classes are offered by age through high school and begin at 9:00am each Sunday during the school calendar year. For Preschoolers through Fifth Grade, we use curriculum from Truth78 (formerly Children Desiring God). Our current Children’s Sunday School classes include:

  • Infant: An integral beginning for your child’s life in the church, these classes are a place of prayer, with Scripture read and prayed over you and your child each week.

  • Younger & Older Toddlers (A Sure Foundation): Fundamental truths about God and His character are taught through Bible stories and reinforced using age-appropriate Scripture memory and song. Younger Toddlers will rotate through 4 lessons over the year, and Older Toddlers will rotate through 13.

  • Preschool (He Established a Testimony): This Old Testament study introduces children to the greatness of God through a chronological study of His glorious deeds and mighty power as recorded in the first books of the Bible.

  • K-1st Grade (Jesus, What a Savior!): Our children (like us) are helpless sinners, deserving of God’s eternal wrath. Children need to hear this truth so that they, like us, can turn to the perfect and only remedy—the free gift of salvation through Jesus the Savior!

  • 2nd Grade (Faithful to All His Promises): This study explores specific promises God makes throughout Scripture and ways He has proven trustworthy and faithful in keeping them.

  • 3rd Grade (In the Beginning ... Jesus): The Bible reveals God's redemptive purposes with their fulfillment in the work of Jesus. In the Beginning...Jesus reveals God's redemptive plan chronologically through the Bible.

  • 4th-5th Grade (How Majestic is Your Name): The character of God is revealed through a study of His names as they appear throughout Scripture.

  • 6th–8th Grade [Middle School] (Teach Me Your Way): The Sermon on the Mount teaches surrender to Jesus in salvation and submission to His way in obedience.

  • 9th-12th Grade [High School]: Our high school class uses inductive Bible study methods to take a more in-depth look at the Bible passages from our current church-wide sermon series. This approach to Bible study helps them learn how to observe, interpret, and apply Scripture on their own.