What to Expect

What does a typical Sunday morning look like?

We begin each Sunday at 9:00am with Bible study classes for all ages. Click here for more info on our current adult classes, and here for info on our classes for children.

At 10:30am we begin what we call our worship gathering. This is the central meeting for our church every week. It’s where we come together to encourage each other, to listen to God’s word to us, and to respond to him based on what he has told us. Our time together is always built around the Bible.

We pray the Bible. Prayers of praise based on what the Bible says about who God is and what he has done. Prayers of confession and thanksgiving based on what we know of our sin and God’s promise to forgive us through Jesus. And prayers of supplication, where we ask God for what we need, as the Bible invites us to do.

We sing the Bible. Our songs unpack the good news about Jesus and give us a chance to respond to that news. They’re aimed both at God, in praise, and at one another, to remind each other to trust his promises.

We listen to the Bible. At the center of each gathering is a sermon that works verse-by- verse through sections of the Bible. Our goal is to understand what God has said and how it affects our lives.


What classes are available on Sunday mornings?

During the Spring and Fall, we offer classes for children from Infants through Middle School. You can learn more about our Children’s Ministry here. We offer Adult Bible Study classes that either walk through a book of the Bible or other Christian books that have had a profound impact on our spiritual growth. You can find more about those classes here.



As soon as you walk in the front entrance of Eakin Elementary (facing Fairfax Avenue and 25th Ave S), you will be greeted and directed to Children’s Check-In just beyond the breezeway.


Is your facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes. If you will let us know beforehand that you are coming, we are happy to meet you at the entrance to make sure you are able to comfortably enter the building.


Where do I park?

What should I wear to a Sunday Service?

Most folks at Trinity dress casually on Sundays, but you’ll see everything from t-shirts and jeans to dresses and sport jackets. We enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself, so wear whatever suits you.


How do I find out more about what you believe and how you do ministry?

To find out more about our core beliefs, go here.

To find out more about the commitments that shape how we do ministry, go here.

Tell us a little about yourself by filling out an info card and let us know you are coming this Sunday. We’d love the opportunity to meet you at the door and make your experience at Trinity a warm one.