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REDEMPTION. It’s the central story of the Bible. It’s the foundation of our life as community. It’s the substance of God’s promise to the world.

The story of redemption is the story of how God saves us from sin and death. It’s the story of how, through Christ, we are made new. We live in hope because “in Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins” (Eph 1:7). At Trinity Church in Nashville, we exist to worship the God who is holy and merciful, to encourage each other as we shape our lives by the gospel, and to hold out the message of redemption in the heart of Nashville.


We believe that worship is our response to what the Bible tells us God is like. So, the focus of our weekly corporate worship gatherings–of our readings, prayers, singing, and sermons–is what the Bible tells us about the character of God and his work on our behalf. This is why our worship services often feature extended times of Scripture reading and prayer, and include multiple opportunities for singing songs that reflect the truth of who God is and what he has done.


The gospel is not just a message to be believed; it’s a story that shapes our entire lives. So, at Trinity Church we are intentional about helping one another grow in our love for God and neighbor. We do this through regular opportunities for small group Bible study and prayer, as well as service projects that reach out to those in need in our city.


The gospel is not just good news emphasizing congregational participation rather than individual performances, we will reflect on the promises of the gospel; we will sing together to God and to each other; and we will hear and respond to the word of God explained through expositional sermons.

We are truly blessed in the great city of Nashville to have some of the best restaurants in the whole state of Tennessee and the whole of America as well. We love to support local businesses and these are a few of the best restaurants in Nashville that we would like to recognize. Whether your in the mood for the best BBQ in Nashville, looking for the freshest and best ice cream in Nashville or looking for a place to get the best coffee in Nashville before coming to church! Please take the time to help these local Nashville businesses because we wouldn't be here without them and they wouldn't make it without the support of the local community and visitors to Nashville alike.

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Sunday Bible Study 9:00AM
Worship 10:30AM

Trinity Church of Nashville
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